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Getting Ipswich Gigs in your Google or Apple Calendar

Ipswich gigs ical

We’re always looking for ways to get information about Ipswich Gigs out to the public (you lot).  We’ve been running the email newsletter mailing list since 2003 and it ticks along quite nicely.  If you subscribe you’ll get an email each Sunday night letting you know what’s happening in the following week (and beyond).  We have lots of people who keep an eye on our Facebook page for gig news.  The same goes for the 5,500+ people who follow Ipswich Gigs on Twitter.  We also provide an RSS events feed that lists all events.  If you use an RSS aggregator then you probably already know that.

One potential issue with the above methods is that you have to go somewhere, or do something specific to find out what’s happening locally.  We’re all busy people, and even if you really love the local music scene you might miss a kickass gig, just because you’ve checked social media at one time instead of other.  So what’s the answer?  We wanted to find a way of getting gig information in front of you as you go about your business each day.  We found one.

We now provide an iCal events feed.  If you know what that is then you can go ahead and make the most of it right now, here it is –

If you don’t know what an iCal feed is then you might be surprised to know that you’re probably already using one.  If you use Google Calendar, Outlook or the Apple Calendar app on your iPhone or iPad then you are probably already receiving information via an iCal feed.  This is one of those bits of technology that it’s probably easier to show you rather tell you.

Here’s how to add the Ipswich Gigs iCal feed to add Ipswich Gigs to your Google Calendar:

ical guide 01

On the left hand side of your Google Calendar click the little plus sign by ‘Add a friend’s calendar’ and then when the sub menu pops up click ‘From URL’

ican help image 02

In the pop up box paste the following text –

Then click ‘Add Calendar’.

ical guide 03

Then click the back arrow on the top left of the screen to return to your calendar.  When you return to your calendar you’ll need to make sure you have a tick in the box labelled ‘ (it might be truncated, as shown above).

Ipswich Gigs ical events feed

That’s it, you can now see Ipswich Gigs in your calendar!

It’s possible to add an iCal feed to lost of bits of software.  We’ve chosen Google Calendar because it’s the tool we know the best.