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[Roller Derby] SRD Presents: Pizza Rollers Sur5al

Roller Derby in Suffolk
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Date(s) - 01/12/2018
12:00 pm - 7:00 pm

Inspire Suffolk


Suffolk Roller Derby are hosting the pizza party to end all pizza parties! Ten teams of 5 skaters will face off in an adrenaline-fuelled, high-intensity tournament to decide, once and for all, which topping comes out top. Will the veggies rule supreme? Will the jalapenos be too hot to handle? Can those sweet, prickly, pineapples hold on to their crown from the great Pineapple War of 2017? SUR5AL WILL DECIDE.

Timings, skater and spectator tickets, and further info to follow soon – watch this space, and save the date!

For the uninitiated –
– Teams of 5 skaters
– Every team plays every other team once
– NO CALL OFFS – each jam lasts a full 2 minutes
– For each jam, the winning team is awarded 3 tournament points, 1 point is awarded to each team in the event of a draw, and 0 for a loss. An extra point is awarded for lead jammer status (a team can win a maximum 4 tournament points per jam)
– 5 penalties results in a player fouling out. Teams can skate with as low as 3 skaters – any lower, and the team is out of the tournament and must forfeit any remaining jams
– Once every team has played against each other, the team with the most tournament points overall WINS!

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[Roller Derby] SRD Presents: Pizza Rollers Sur5al