Menagerie + Mawhrin Skel + Gutsa + Supermerger + B.A.P.S + Heavy Plant + Jack Hammond + As the Man Do

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Date(s) - 20/12/2019
7:00 pm - 11:00 pm

The Smokehouse


We are here as an aural warning. Staying safe is not an option. New Noise will save us all. On the evening of December 2019 come bear witness as we testify to the sonically shuddering spectres of sound. We call it a noise night. This is the first in an education series of electronic based music events called ‘Blue Noise’. Presented by CornDog Records.

Martin Briggs from Buttercup Insurgent and someone called Phil doing… you know what, I have no idea what they’re doing, but that’s part of the fun of it.

Well this me, Andrew Culture (the promoter) so I won’t blow my own organ. If you like slightly off-kilter electronica that’s thick with field recordings and freaked out classical string sections then you ‘might’ dig this. Sounds a bit like Philip Glass if he’d never learned anything about musical theory, and had a migraine that lasted 43 years.
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Have you ever heard a noise that stretches across the entire spectrum of frequencies, then reaches down your gullet into your soul, before pulling out bodily organs you didn’t know existed? No? Well where the hell have you been?

Internationally existing crafter of sonic rafters, Supermerger exists. The legends were true.

Every time I write up the notes for a noise gig I end up saying I have no idea what one of the acts I’ve booked sounds like. This gig is no exception. Ladies and jellybeans, I introduce to you Ken of Zen Reggae doing something.

Yet another act that I haven’t the faintest idea about. But it’s Daz from Dystopian Sound Collective, so you know it’s going to be good. Full disclosure – I’m 33% of Dystopian Sound Collective but Daz / Heavy Plant is definitely the musical part. The other 33% of Dystopian Sound Collective is Louise, but she’s not performing at this gig. At least not as far as I’m aware, I could be wrong. Anything could happen.

The last time I booked Jack he performed as DJ Jam Sandwich and totally blew us away. I’m not talking about myself as in the third person as if I was a crowd here, I mean he really impressed everyone who saw him play. So I booked him again.

Two smartly dressed musical renegades doing whatever the hell they want to do. Good on ‘em I say. I’ve got no idea what they sound like though.

The Smokehouse is located next to Norwich Road in Ipswich. If you take the road beside Coes you’ll see a car park, the other side of the car park is The Smokehouse.

The Smokehouse has step-free access, but if you have any other enquires about accessibility or facilities then contact The Smokehouse direct by calling 01473 85255 or contact them through their website . Everyone involved with the venue is very friendly and approachable.

Nearest parking to the venue.
There is a huge car park right next to The Smokehouse that usually has plenty of spaces. If you arrive before 8pm make sure you buy a parking ticket because the council is very hot on fines.

The last train back to Bury St.Edmunds is a disappointing 10.19pm.
The last train back to Norwich is at 11.45pm
The main train station in Ipswich is less than a mile from the venue. The walk takes about 20 minutes, or slightly longer depending on how heavy your beer jacket is.


Menagerie + Mawhrin Skel + Gutsa + Supermerger + B.A.P.S + Heavy Plant + Jack Hammond + As the Man Do