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Tuscoma (formerly HollywoodFun Downstairs) + Riggots + Old Sweat

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Date(s) - 02/09/2018
8:00 pm - 11:00 pm

The Smokehouse


Hollywoodfun Downstairs
When we first put this lot on at The Steamboat a few years ago, its fair to say we didn’t really know what to expect. We had never seen them before, but had only heard really good things from a lot of people in bands we really like. So it seemed like they were worth taking a punt on. Fuck me did it pay off! I don’t think anyone in attendance that night will have left without their minds dribbling out of their ears. The entire audience just watched in awe as these 3 giants ripped the place apart. It was amazing, anybody who was there will know what we’re talking about! Now a 2 piece HFD are somehow more intense, more energetic even heavier and somehow even tighter! They seem to have found a home in the D.I.Y punk scene, (at least in the UK) and whilst embracing everything good about our community and fitting in so well. They are so much more than your average punk band and are likely to appeal to fans of all sorts of noise, as long as you like it fast and heavy! We properly cant wait to get them back to Ipswich and snapped up a date when heard they were going to be back!

Were as HFD have lost a bassist, Riggots have gained one! This Wigan based three piece (formerly a two piece) are know louder and more full on than ever! Known for their ridiculously energetic live shows Riggots will tear The Smokehouse apart! Like HFD undefinable and truly impressive to fans of good music!

Old Sweat
Experimental hardcore two piece from Kent. This Duo fit the bill perfectly. We are chuffed to have them in Ipswich for the first time. Their inclusion guarantees this will be a LOUD night from start to finish!

20.00 start, £5 on the door

14 + venue So bring I.D if you want to get on the booze.

As always if you can share the page and invite all you friends

Cheers Punks!


Tuscoma (formerly HollywoodFun Downstairs) + Riggots + Old Sweat