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The big competition & why I need you

Ipswich Gigs competition

Local live music is an amazing thing, but we can make it better.

Remember; affects more than just Ipswich. We also promote surrounding towns, including Stowmarket, Colchester and Bury St.Edmunds

With Facebook getting more swamped than ever I know that local gig goers are missing out on tons of events. I’m a Social Media consultant, I know a little bit about these things 🙂   There is now so much information on Facebook that it’s impossible for users to see it all.  This means you are more likely to spot a post by a family member about their dog than a gig on your timeline.

We’re doing our bit on the Ipswich Gigs Facebook page  and the Twitter profile, but the real beating heart of everything we do is the website, and more importantly the mailing list.  Every Sunday night all the mailing list subscribers receive an email listing upcoming gigs.

I’m going to run a competition to build the mailing list. Would you be willing to donate something as a prize? I’m thinking about the local businesses I promote 24/7 and have done since 2003. But I’ll welcome anyone who can contribute or has some ideas.

Before we go any further click here to join the Ipswich Gigs mailing list…

Prizes = subscribers

I’m going to put together an amazing prize bundle to help invigorate the Ipswich Gigs mailing list.  I have listed and promoted 688 local gigs since the site was last rebuilt in April 2015. I have no idea how many I have promoted since the launch in 2003, probably thousands.  If I had a little help building the mailing list we can make sure everyone who is interested in local live music stands a better chance of hearing about what a brilliant music scene we have around here! Let’s get more people going to gigs in Ipswich, Colchester, Bury St.Edmunds and Stowmarket!

Here are the figures as they stand today:

  • 518 mailing list subscribers (emailed every Sunday night)
  • 1,797 likes on Facebook and 1,778 followers
  • 5,556 followers on Twitter

I have built the website so that every gig that is listed is automatically pushed out to each of those channels.  I know from my day job (in marketing) that the email mailing list is the most effective way of actually getting through to people.  We are very fortunate to have some really great pubs and venues in this area. We’ve all heard news reports about the decline of places for live music. This is a definite case of ‘use them or lose them’. Building the mailing list is a part of my contribution to trying to secure the future of live music.  You can help.

But why should you care about the mailing list?

  • Music fans
    If you like going to gigs in Ipswich, Stowmarket, Colchester and Bury St.Edmunds helping boost the mailing list will mean more people at gigs.  More people at gigs means promoters can take bigger chances, which means you get to see more popular bands playing locally to you.
  • Musicians
    If you’re a local musician than a bigger Ipswich Gigs mailing list means more people at gigs generally, which means more people will hear the music you work so hard to create.
  • Promoters
    If you are a promoter then helping us grow the mailing list means that more people who care about live music will know about the gigs you are putting on.
  • Landlords and venue owners
    If you are a pub or venue owner then by helping us grow the mailing list you are helping increase your footfall.
  • Local businesses
    If you are a local business and would like to help us grow the mailing list by donating a prize then you will be directly helping bring more people into Ipswich, Colchester, Stowmarket and Bury St.Edmunds town centres.  Increasing the positive reputation of these towns will ultimately help your business.  We will also gladly promote the hell out of your business on all marketing materials and online during the competition.  After the competition we will be writing a page on the website to thank everyone who got involved.  We would love to give you the positive PR that getting involved will naturally inspire.

So, how can you get involved?

At the moment we need prizes.  I think it will work best if we can put together a prize bundle rather than one specific prize.  So right now I’m open to suggestions.  Maybe you could donate a voucher?  Or a free meal?  Or, well, almost anything!  When the competition launches we will need volunteers to put leaflets through doors, hand out flyers at gigs, put up posters and plenty of other things.  If you can help then I would love to hear from you.

Right now you can help massively by posting a link to this blog post from any social media site you use.

I started Ipswich Gigs because I wanted to get the word out about how brilliant the live music scene is around these parts.  I have worked incredibly hard building several iterations of the website and have never made any money from running the website (quite the contrary!).  I am fortunate enough to (mostly) have the technical skills required, but now I need some help to build the mailing list.

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