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How to play Music in the Park in Ipswich

Telefunken playing at Ipswich Music Day

Yeah I know it’s not actually called Music in the Park, but that’s what pretty much everyone calls it.  The name is actually Ipswich Music Day, and if you’re reading this blog post then there’s a very good chance you’ve been to it.  If you’ve not no idea what I’m talking about then let me explain.  Music in the Park is an annual free music festival in Christchurch Park, in Ipswich.  The crowds are always huge, more than 50,000 type huge depending on the weather.

The range of music on offer at Ipswich Music Day is incredibly diverse; there are some bands that appear to play every year, and are very much appreciated every year, but the event is also a great opportunity for new bands to get some great exposure.  It used to be the case that the ‘alternative’ bands would all be bundled onto one stage, but the spread among the stages is quite broad now.

As you may know, exists partially to try and make live music as accessible.  If you want to make music and perform then we want to make sure you can.  Live music should not about who you know, it should be about your drive to perform.  So click the link below and apply for a gig at the biggest annual music event for miles around.  I dare you.

The closing date is 26th March 2018, at 3pm.

Click here to apply for a slot at Music in the Park 2018…

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2017 Survey Results – change is coming

Ipswich Gigs survey results 2017

Once every few years, if the mood takes me, I dip my toes in the tepid waters of public opinion and try and make sure Ipswich Gigs is doing roughly what people find useful.  This year a surprisingly high number of people filled in the short survey I shoved out into the world.  So if you completed the survey, then thank you.  If you didn’t complete the survey then there’s a strong chance you’re probably not reading this post anyway. So…

Ipswich Gigs 2017 survey – the results

In the interests of transparency I have decided to share as many of the survey results as possible.  This will give me an opportunity to explain how some of the survey results will change the way Ipswich Gigs operates.

Do you read gig listings

This may seem like an odd question to ask. One of the driving reasons behind Ipswich Gigs existing in the first place, way back in 2003, was to send gig listings to music lovers in Ipswich. Compared to 2003 our inboxes are also a great deal more thrashed, if someone doesn’t want a list of local gigs adding to the background noise of their weekly emails, well that’s fair enough!

Do you read your gigs emails

If people are on the mailing list do they actually read the emails? I asked this question because a lot of email systems, like Gmail shove all email newsletters into sub-folders or spam folders. I wanted to get an idea of whether people actually read the weekly emails. I was quite surprised that so many people do read the email! As for the person who answered ‘Google’ to this question, well your guess is as good as mine on that one.

This is one of the first results that has had a direct impact on the way Ipswich Gigs will share gig information in future.  From now on when a new gig is added to the website it will also be posted to the Facebook page.  We have been posting new gig info to Twitter for a couple of years, and have a decent following on Twitter, but (at least in regard to the people who completed this survey) that’s not where the most interactive audience exists.

Ipswich Gigs survey results

I can’t think of any polite way of saying it, but music scenes struggle when the performers and promoters disappear up their own fundaments.  If the only people interested in gigs are musicians and promoters then that’s nice n all, because we all need to stick together, but it’s not progressive for a developing music scene.  The good news is that a whole crap ton of people who answered the Ipswich Gigs surveys aren’t musicians or promoters!  This result, as with all the results of this survey should be taken with a pinch of salt, as the people most likely to benefit from taking part are probably the people who are the most subjective.  But even taking that into consideration I think this result is pretty positive.

Gigs in Stowmarket, Bury St Edmunds and Felixstowe

This result was the most surprising of all.  As a direct result of this answer Ipswich Gigs will now list events happening in the towns surrounding Ipswich.  We’ve even (slightly) changed the Ipswich Gigs logo!  I need your help spreading the news to your friends in surrounding towns!  There is a a LOT happening in Suffolk, let’s do what we can to make it even greater!


Things are pretty good!  If you look at the website or even attendance levels at gigs then you’ll see that Ipswich, and the surrounding towns, are a great place to be if you’re into music.  If we all do what we can to support each other and continue to make this town an open, friendly, nurturing place for local and travelling musicians then things will continue to get better.

Finally, some of the feedback asked us to start listing covers and tribute bands.  The request was from just a small number of people.  I can’t currently foresee any circumstance that would cause a change to our fundamental reason for existing – the promotion of original and alternative music.  There are other organisations who do a fine job of promoting mainstream music and acts who predominantly play music written by other people.  There is a long-established machinery for promoting mainstream music to the masses, we’re here to celebrate the alternative, the bizarre and the experimental.

However, we will now list poetry events and music-related events that have a strong bias towards encouraging or inspiring creativity.  Ipswich Gigs exists to subvert mainstream normality.  Any event that encourages people to move themselves into spheres that are new to them will continue to receive my enthusiastic support.

After an astonishing amount of thinking it over I have decided that Ipswich Gigs is still not the right forum for promoting open mic, jam nights or battle of the band competitions*.  However, nothing is set in stone.  If you think my decision is wrong then by all means get in touch and let’s talk about it.  For now open mic, jam nights and battle of the band competitions are not a part of our remit.

Thank you for your help with the survey, you ROCK!



*BurySound is an exception to this rule.  When Ipswich (or anywhere else) creates an event as creativity-positive as BurySound then we’ll talk about this again.
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Black Friday deals – how can you lose?!?

Ipswich Gigs Black Friday deals

Black Friday is all the rage these days.  So who are we to resist this tidal wave of frenzied consumer baiting?  Yup, we have two Black Friday deals for you.  As is now de-rigour we will tell you how excited we are about these deals and try and impress upon you how you’d have to be as foolish as a sheep on the moon to resist our offers.  You are under no obligation and no salesman will call…

So clench your cheeks, grab your mouse, clean your spectacles and gird your loins as we dive straight into this year’s thrilling joy ride of Ipswich Gigs Black Friday offers.  The best bit?  Everything listed below can be yours for FREE!  This is NOT a one-off, time-limited offer.  Ipswich Gigs has been free to use since 2003 and will never be sold to a massive multi-national conglomerate, unless they offer us enough money to start an underwater colony off the coast of Southwold.

Offer 1 – for the punters

Sign up for our super duper ‘gigs by email’ service and we will:

  • Email you at 8pm every Sunday night to let you know about the next gigs happening locally
  • Starting today we will also tell you what’s hip ‘n’ happening in nearby towns like Bury St.Edmunds, Felixstowe and Stowmarket
  • Send you the list of gigs using a special, well-researched system of time demarcation called the ‘Gregorian calendar’, wildly popular with well over a billion human beings
  • We will only send you gigs that feature original music (mostly) and events that are a side-step from the mainstream slush
  • Thrill and entice you to attend local performances by skilled entertainers
  • Wow you with an accuracy rating that we’ll claim we’re proud of while never actually declaring what it is
  • We will consider you a true friend of courageous originality
  • You will receive a list of upcoming gigs that will make you the best-informed music lover you know, causing you to become the envy of your friends and having the by-product of making you massively attractive to whomever your heart desires

Click here to sign up for Ipswich Gigs…

Offer 2 – for the bands and promoters

Click here to apply for a free Ipswich Gigs account and we will tell people about your gigs….

That’s it!  For just a few seconds of your time you can get a top secret login for Ipswich Gigs that will enable you to join a cabal of influencers, movers, and indeed ‘shakers’ on the local music scene.  By logging in and listing your events you will benefit from free promotion to thousands of music lovers on, Facebook, Twitter and our ever-swelling email mailing list.

All the most successful and long-term promoters know that putting on a gig involves more than just creating a Facebook event.  In addition to schlepping around town putting up brilliant posters and handing out flyers at gigs you need a way of reaching the gig-goers who are really passionate about original, interesting, cool or just plain weird events.  That’s where we can help.

We try and make listing gigs as easy as possible, but we’re always here to help if you get stuck with anything.  Ipswich Gigs was started by musicians and is for musicians.