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Black Friday deals – how can you lose?!?

Ipswich Gigs Black Friday deals

Black Friday is all the rage these days.  So who are we to resist this tidal wave of frenzied consumer baiting?  Yup, we have two Black Friday deals for you.  As is now de-rigour we will tell you how excited we are about these deals and try and impress upon you how you’d have to be as foolish as a sheep on the moon to resist our offers.  You are under no obligation and no salesman will call…

So clench your cheeks, grab your mouse, clean your spectacles and gird your loins as we dive straight into this year’s thrilling joy ride of Ipswich Gigs Black Friday offers.  The best bit?  Everything listed below can be yours for FREE!  This is NOT a one-off, time-limited offer.  Ipswich Gigs has been free to use since 2003 and will never be sold to a massive multi-national conglomerate, unless they offer us enough money to start an underwater colony off the coast of Southwold.

Offer 1 – for the punters

Sign up for our super duper ‘gigs by email’ service and we will:

  • Email you at 8pm every Sunday night to let you know about the next gigs happening locally
  • Starting today we will also tell you what’s hip ‘n’ happening in nearby towns like Bury St.Edmunds, Felixstowe and Stowmarket
  • Send you the list of gigs using a special, well-researched system of time demarcation called the ‘Gregorian calendar’, wildly popular with well over a billion human beings
  • We will only send you gigs that feature original music (mostly) and events that are a side-step from the mainstream slush
  • Thrill and entice you to attend local performances by skilled entertainers
  • Wow you with an accuracy rating that we’ll claim we’re proud of while never actually declaring what it is
  • We will consider you a true friend of courageous originality
  • You will receive a list of upcoming gigs that will make you the best-informed music lover you know, causing you to become the envy of your friends and having the by-product of making you massively attractive to whomever your heart desires

Click here to sign up for Ipswich Gigs…

Offer 2 – for the bands and promoters

Click here to apply for a free Ipswich Gigs account and we will tell people about your gigs….

That’s it!  For just a few seconds of your time you can get a top secret login for Ipswich Gigs that will enable you to join a cabal of influencers, movers, and indeed ‘shakers’ on the local music scene.  By logging in and listing your events you will benefit from free promotion to thousands of music lovers on, Facebook, Twitter and our ever-swelling email mailing list.

All the most successful and long-term promoters know that putting on a gig involves more than just creating a Facebook event.  In addition to schlepping around town putting up brilliant posters and handing out flyers at gigs you need a way of reaching the gig-goers who are really passionate about original, interesting, cool or just plain weird events.  That’s where we can help.

We try and make listing gigs as easy as possible, but we’re always here to help if you get stuck with anything.  Ipswich Gigs was started by musicians and is for musicians.