Apply for an Ipswich Gigs account

Everyone is welcome to have an account on Ipswich Gigs, but first of all we need you to read a few simple rules:

Ipswich Gigs rules

We have strict rules for what events we allow to be listed here, and don’t push your luck, we’re real jerks when it comes to deleting events we don’t think fit our reason to exist.

You can submit:

  • Events in Ipswich, Stowmarket, Colchester, Bury St.Edmunds, or anywhere within easy public transport reach of Ipswich
  • Original music nights with live bands
  • Club nights with a STRONG theme

You Can NOT submit:

  • Covers bands
  • Tribute acts
  • Battle of the bands competitions (except Bury Sound)

So there’s really no point in bothering to complete the form below if you don’t adhere to our rules.  There are other opportunities to promote the sort of events we’re not interested in, we particularly recommend The Grapevine.

How to apply

Due to an absolutely remarkable amount of spam emails we had to get rid of our contact forms. If you would like a band / promoter account on Ipswich Gigs please use this contact form…